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It’s Good To Be Alive!

Monday, October 20th, 2008

In the area of web-developments, “the cobbler’s wife should not be the worst shod”.
The development of our site has began and ended in 2008. Eight different models and navigation schemes have been developed and discarded; the list of required modifications has been constantly supplemented, and, eventually, it included 137 clauses. But we are convinced that the result must be top-of-the-line of what we are capable for.

Challenges for our site

The site must create the first right impression for those who are not acquainted with the company personally, and provoke the following response from the part of a client: “they can forward a request to”.

Our project must demonstrate how up-to-date a site must be. It also shows how fitting, friendly, and beautiful a site should be. This means there is a need to show you technological ideas, with 100% actuality, and the optimal volume of information on every page.

It also must create a barrier for a no-purpose audience with an mistaken idea that “a site is easy to make”. Information on the site must always appear fresh and fed vigorously, positively, fairly and legibly.

The resource must create the general impression of unification of conventional methods and modern approaches to development of web-interfaces and applications; service approaches to Web 2.0 technologies.

There must also be an availability of blocks containing “shifting bookmarks” for more convenient feeding of information. That makes it possible to open and close bookmarks without the necessity to reload the page.

Visitors of corporate sites are greatly annoyed by hypertrophic marketing slogans “oh yes, we are the best!”, and any kind of irrelevant information. That is why we ruthlessly removed parenthetical words, promotional slogans and professional slang from the texts.

Needless to say that we use CMS, which ensures easiness in supporting the resource.