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Freelancing Advantages and Disadvantages…

Monday, August 10th, 2009

World Wide Web made it possible to crush the World into the freelance.

Millions of people who can do anything a little can now call their selves a freelancer! What a freedom…

The synonym of the freelance is unprofessionalism. Please, Freelancers, forgive me! But that is true.

The first advantage which can be found on top is cheap service (by the way this is a first reason of unprofessionalism). If you go to a huge company and request a project you will give three – five times more than making project with a freelancer.

The best method for the management of projects is close personal communication with people and building a circle of people and then knowing what they can do and what they cannot.

Now there are lots of freelance communities where you can see each freelancer statistics, past projects and reviews. It helps but not very much.

Let me give you an example. One person had an idea to make a social networking site. Social network project must be very expandable and changeable. He finds a freelancer who did an excellent job. From the browser it was fine. He gave an excellent review and paid with pleasure.

A few months later he realizes he needs to add several features and to make some changes. He finds another freelancer and gets advice to drop out of his current system and to start from scratch. This site was great from the browser, but inside it was terrible. That is how freelance unprofessionalism works. The problem is that the client does not even know how to check the job. In big companies there are ethics of project building, rules of how it should be built.

Here is a piece of advice of how to find good freelancer. You should not just check reviews from past works but also check past clients. If there is at least one client who is a specialist in web and he gave excellent review to the freelancer – he is good.