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Climbing Magento Template

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Magento Commerce Templates

Climbing Magento Template. Magento Template for Carabiners, Hardware, Ropes, Cords & Webbing, Harnesses, Crash Pads, Helmets,Snow & Ice Equipment, Chalk, Chalk Bags, Climbing Holds, Climbing Gloves, Rope Bags, Clothing, Footwear, and more.

Additional modules/features: newsletter sign-up, most popular, home page banner, home page products, customer service block, social networks, testimonials, payments, seo block.

Magento Theme Features Overview: Green, natural colors;
Features products on the homepage; Newsletter subscription block; Most popular products block; JavaScript slider to feature products on homepage; Customer Service information block, social networks, testimonials, payments, seo block;

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  • Technologies used: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP
  • Number of people who worked on this project: 3