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Sales Data Processing System

Sales Data Processing System

Created: 2008


The concept is a website that allows customers to view, query, analyze, and download information from MySQL tables in several different ways via a web site.

This data is basically inventory information, broken down into specific types. Each type has its own qualifier. Each customer has their own specific set of tables. Each user can only access their own tables, for each customer there are two primary tables. The data in the table will be appended updated with new data every Saturday from a backend system. The user will primarily be viewing the data graphically in chart format. In addition to viewing the charts the user will be able to enter a query and download data in Excel format from the website.

Item Snapshot
Allows users see the current and previous week's data for a given NDC. User can select 1 NDC from drop down lists. User can then choose a location code from a drop down list. There is also an Export button that allows the user to export the result-set data from the query into an Excel file.

Advanced Query
Lets the users choose specific search criteria and display the results on a line graph. Up to four NDC’s can be selected and then displayed on the graph. User can select from 1 to 4 NDC's, a location code, a Sales Type and user selects date range.

Days on Hand
User can select 1 NDC from drop down lists, a location code. A small display box contains the numerical values from the chart.

Service Level Configuration
This screen is to be used in conjunction with the Fee For Service (FFS) Scorecard screen. Here the user can enters in a specific NDC (or leaves it as All), a Location, and then enters in values for the four fields. They click on Save and the data is loaded into the table. The user should also be able to see, in a table format, the Service Level Configurations that they have already saved, Edit them and delete them if desired.

Fee For Service (FFS) Scorecard
The Service Levels page consists of a few parts. First is a bar graph of the past six weeks Service Level rankings. This needs to be done for each week, going back in time six weeks. The user also has the option of selecting a specific location. The first columns “Goals” is a link to another table where users can enter in their goal values. This will be done on the Configuration Page. If the current value of the Service Level, Sales, and DOH is above the goal, then the font is green. If it is below, it is red. The goal value for the Service Level should appear as a horizontal line in the bar graph.

Sales Data Advanced Query
Lets the users choose specific search criteria from the Sales Data table and display the results on a scrollable table or to export to a spreadsheet

Sales Map
The user selects the NDC from a drop down list and clicks “Go”. And after the user clicks “Go” this is a small chart for one of each regions. Each chart contains a bar graph with six weeks of data. So for instance the first chart, Pacific Region Sales, will contain a summation of all the qty where the states are WA, OR, CA, AK, or HI. This needs to be done going back six weeks so each small graph will contain six bars.

This page is used to create new user logins, to reset passwords and the other standard admin functions.

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Eugene did a great job with our site. Out project had some very unusual requirements from the run-of-the-mill sites. There were some pretty tricky calculations and graphs that needed to be implemented and he came through with all of this on schedule. Eugene was able to grasp what we were asking him to do and communicated well throughout the process. Although our site was to be purely functional, Eugene also managed to make it visually appealing in a clean style that will be of benefit to the users. I would recommend him for both his and design skills. We look forward to working with him again in the future., Inc,
Columbus, OH 43209 - USA
Peter Conner