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Created: 2010

The small copy of The purpose is to offer a kind of trust pilot in countries where they don’t offer their service. The difference is that this site will not publish reviews. This project does not show reviews for public access, so we need a system of how to specify the owner of the domain or product. It’s a simple multi-language system to handle reviews for different domains/shops or products. This system offers a “closed system,” where shops afterward can get the best review by xml and show it to customers.

The project has the following structures

User. A user can register himself, login, and change his profile. The user can leave a review and give it stars.

Domain. Domain has a domain URL, Web site snapshot (image), title, description, managerID, and language code.

Product. Product has domain reference, image, title, SKU, managerID, and language code

Review. A review can be created for a product or a domain by any registered user. The following fields are captured for any review: OrderID, Domain, Date, IP, e-mail, user name, rating, and review text. If it is a product review, it should also have product name, SKU, and image reference.

Manager. This is a visitor that can view reviews for his domains or products and also get a report of the reviews in xml format. Fields: E-mail, Password, Name, Country, Gender, Birth Date, Sex, Language Code, Company name, Address, Post Code, Town/City.

The manager login area has a Profile Edit form, a Review List (edit/add/remove review), xml report form generation capability (form has dropdown of product or domain, date range, rating range), My products, and My domains lists with the ability to switch languages for each domain or product.

Administrator can add/edit/modify users, reviews, domains, and products. The administrator assigns products and domains to managers.

User area

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Mamager area

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