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Web Graphic Design

In just a second a visitor will have their first impressions about the quality of your web site. In that time your visitors will rate your company and decide whether they are going to stick around. Remember you have a lot of competition online and you’re going to want your web graphic design to stand out and capture your visitor’s attention “immediately.”

We’ll design a website that’s interesting and engaging.

We’ll also make sure it’s easy to navigate, easy to remember, and visually appealing. Without an image of it’s own that stands out on the web you’ll remain a nameless, faceless, site among the millions.

Web site design / redesign
Flash design
Logotype design
  • One week project completion
  • Two sketches of the design for you to choose between
  • A mock-up of three pages (home page, contact form page, subpage)

We try to make maximum differences in sketches of the design. Here are some of them:

Differences in sketches

  • Quantity and position of informational and service blocks, number of columns
  • Navigation bar type (horizontal / vertical / flash / CSS)
  • Addiction to standards (standard or artistic)
  • Professional royalty-free photos, illustrations and fonts