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Custom Magento Theme Design

Custom Shop with Magento, Installation and Configuration

It's never been easier to start, promote, and manage an online store. Making it simple and affordable to develop and manage an online shop with user-friendly sales and marketing features, we provide a range of services that make it easy to start selling online.

Basic package for unique Magento theme design Price

Magento Template DesignMagento Template Design



This service depends on the graphics technology, template structure, and functionality you require. It includes the creation of custom Magento theme graphics in PSD format and all components necessary for your design to be integrated into your store. You will be able to review the graphics and working template on our server during development before it is delivered to you. This service is usually completed within 21 business days.

  • Magento eCommerce Latest Version
    A powerful engine that includes the widest list of solutions and functions for successful online sales.
  • Unique Theme Design
    Impressive graphics representing your theme. We’ll design a Web site that’s interesting and engaging.
  • Magento Professional Installation
  • Store Setup and Configuration
    Configuration settings for a live store, and creation of sample products. Also included are full setup of existing payment gateway.
  • 3 weeks Free Support

Our work is done after you have a ready-to-fly Magento shop; all you need to do after that is to add products to your new Magento shop.

Note that the basic package does not include any Magento core changes - just Magento configuration and new themplate implementation.

Themplate Design Workflow
Magento Template Requirements
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Advanced package for Magento Customization Price

Magento Customization and Extensions DevelopmentProject scope

  • Discuss the project scope with the developer and add your viewpoint to further enhance the customization.
  • Get the entire project scope properly documented.
  • Prepare a final project scope.

Magento Template Design

  • Magento eCommerce latest version
  • Three initial template design versions
  • Three tuning iterations for the selected theme design

Design Integration and Extensions Development

  • You can add enhanced marketing channels and tools, such as in-store brochures and e-mail newsletters and online and offline stores that provide expanded cross-channel promotions.
  • Magento integration with third-party application. Our Magento developers are fully capable of integrating third-party applications to your e-commerce website per your needs.

Optimization and Performance Tuning

  • Our Magento designers take the whole picture into account and helps you with catalog import, custom navigation for categories and sub-categories, module integration and much more.

Social Interaction

  • The customers should be able to post products to social bookmarking sites such as Facebook and Digg. Provide fresh content through an integrated blog and automatically post new products on Twitter.

Our work is done after you have a ready-to-fly Magento shop; all you need to do after that is to add products to your new Magento shop.

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