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Magento Theme Design Workflow

Magento Theme Desigh Workflow

Our utmost priority is to work diligently by creating a visually rich and expressive Magento Theme for every custom shop we design.

Magento Theme Concept - Step 1

Before we begin a project, we review and research all your requirements to guarantee that your final Magento Theme is presented in the most perfect visual form possible according to your specific needs. Once the scope of the project is fully understood, a project plan can be developed.

  • 3 initial design versions
    We create 3 main drafts. Usually each receives an additional version with small changes.
  • Checking in Browser
    We present a design version in a browser in order to make it more clear. Below you can find 3 examples of initial design versions.
Design draft 1
Design draft 2
Design draft 3
Reviews and Design Approval - Step 2
  • 3 tuning iterations for the selected theme design.
  • A mock-up of 3 inner pages (catalog page, product page, shopping cart page).
  • 2 tuning iterations for the inner pages.

This review phase is critical, as making changes here is easy, but would be very time consuming later on.

Once we have the Web site mock-up worked out, the actual visual design is completed and approved.

Getting the design approved before the development phase is important. Reworking in Photoshop is much easier than in HTML, so ensuring that the development phase involves only building out the site and no designing on the fly saves time.

Home page
Catalog page
Product page
Development - Step 3

This phase involves building the Magento Template.

Note that the basic package does not include any Magento core changes - just Magento configuration and new design implementation.

Your shop is loaded and configured on our server for testing purposes. Here you can check and test all functionality.

Demo version
Launch - Step 4

Once we launch the shop, we do a complete link check and confirm that all applications are working well. Once the site is live, we set up a maintenance plan with you.

You have 3 weeks of free support.

Our work is done after you have a ready-to-fly Magento shop; all you need do after that is add products to it.