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What is a Magento hosting?

Heavy Magento engine require a lot of processor time. Therefore, servers must be highly optimized!

What we have done to make our servers run faster:

  • Lighttpd server instead of Apache
  • APC for php
  • Optimized MySql server for greater performance
  • We use RAM disks not only to store Magento cache files but also for the Magento codebase (/app and /lib folders). It greatly improves page load times, when pages have not  been cached by apc yet.
  • Gzip compression
  • Daily backup

We have achieved significant perfomance boost due to this optimization, and Magento runs really fast and smooth on our servers. Check out our magento demo

Dance Magento Plan Features

  • Free website transfer
  • 150Gb Bandwidth
  • 15Gb Disk Space (enough for a medium Magento Web shop)
  • Up to 20 000 page views per day
  • As low as $15/mo ($160/year)
  • US or Europe based servers
  • Dedicated IP +$4/mo
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Fly Magento Plan Features

  • Free website transfer
  • 1Tb bandwidth
  • 50Gb Disk Space (100k products? No problem)
  • Up to 150 000 page views per day
  • As low as $45/mo ($480/year)
  • US or Europe based servers
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This offer is for specialized Magento hosting only. Each contract for single magento installation with single domain. For multidomain magento installation please Contact us.
We also can provide almost any generic hosting configuration on a custom basis. Contact our custom hosting solutions team for inquiries.

New! Your dedicated server configuration

  • Performance optimizations
  • Magento-specific settings
  • Apache optimization
  • Php accelerator
  • MySQL specific settings

We will get a maximum from your server!

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