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Advanced package for Magento Customization Price
Magento Customization
* Custom unique theme
* Magento customization
* Optimization

We will assess the functional requirements of each customization or integration and determine where and how is best to implement each customization in a way that will assure their compatibility with future upgrades of Magento.

from $3100
Magento Design Service
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Custom Magento Theme Price
Custom Magento Theme

Depending on the kind of shop that you want to run, you’re sure to find an exclusive design theme that exceeds your expectations.

* Three weeks project completion
* Custom unique theme
* Magento's powerful engine
* Configuration basic categories and products
Magento Design Service
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Magento Shared Hosting Price
* Free website transfer
* 150Gb - 1Tb bandwidth
* 15Gb - 50Gb disk space (enough for a medium magento webshop)
* 20 000 - 150 000 page views per day
from $15/mo
Magento Shared Hosting
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Website with Content Management System Price
Content Management System

We will add necessary modules such as your gallery to CMS and at any time you can add pages, remove pages, and manage your own website. Once we’ve designed it you won’t need us to maintain it. It’s designed to be simple and easy.

* Three weeks project completion
CMS Features
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Brochure (Standard HTML) website Price
* Two weeks project completion
* Three sketches of the design for you to choose between
* Up to seven web pages of custom professional design in HTML
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The estimation time depends on the capability of a client to work promptly on the project's joint parts.

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Web graphic designer
PHP programmer