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Terms of Use

Terms of use of information, available through the WebAndPeople website.

To put it in a nutshell: you are liable for anything you do or anything you have on your site, we are only responsible for our own services, nothing else.

Description of Services

WebAndPeople provides various services, as stated on the site. The services have finite amount of work, as said in the contract.

Throughout the site, WebAndPeople provides you with various resources (including newsletters), tools, etc. All possible resources, tools, etc are subject to this TOU.

Use of Services

The services are for personal, non-commercial use only. This means that the information, provided on this site, is not to be copied, destributed or duplicated in any way on the net. Should you want to share the information on this site with any other person, feel free to give him our URL (Internet address):


All the information, available through the WebAndPeople website, is copyrighted to WebAndPeople, unless stated otherwise.

Liability for damage

WebAndPeople, its partners or anyone otherwise related to the company, is not liable for any kind of damage, resulted in during or after visiting the site or using our services of any kind. Should it be your business decision to outsource to an offshore company other than ours, so be it - but it is your decision. Should it be a security flaw in your spam filter, fix it. We strive to provide the maximum benefits to our clients, and are only restricted by the description of the services as on the site and the contract.