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The digital world calls for a transformation. A new way of thinking, of doing, of creating, of behaving. We wield the power of tech to create a brand-new consumer experience.

web development


The best web development technologies in the world:
React / Vue / Angular / PWA


PHP: Symfony, Laravel, Yii
Postgres, MySQL, Mongo, Redis
Integration with external services (SOAP/REST API integration)


E-commerce solutions ranging from small shops to complex online payment systems.
Magento / WooCommerce / Shopify

cms solutions

Manage your website content with easy-to-use CMS
October / Tilda / Wordprss / Bitrix

data extraction

Web data extraction using an intelligent automation platform that allows to extract a massive quantity of information from web sources.

chat bots

Build natural and rich conversational experiences with Dialogflow powered by AI.

tech to connect

If you want to sell your products or services online, we’ll be happy to help you with implementing a tailored eCommerce solution. We will integrate your e-shop with any 3rd party software (e.g. CRM or fulfillment partner).
Web Development
Our main focus is to create a secure & clean code. That means our code is simple in implementation, tested and maintainable. We also help you maintain the website after going live.


Affordable web design is our big advantage.

Affordability does not minimize quality and our desire for every project to be creative and made with love.

One-page WordPress site $200
Multiple pages WordPress site $300
Magento / Shopify / WooCommerce design and deployment $1000
Leaf-Spring Service

experience matter

12 years in IT. Have a project you’d like to discuss?